Default fields and field lengths in MySQL

There are several fields that are common sense to use with a given standard. The W3C and some other has its recommendations, but the advice on this site are comprehensive. I have made an easy overview that I have made that suits my purposes.

I just quried my databases with thousands of customers in Norway and checked with checked with other people’s recommendations.
This is what I found:

Name of fieldMinMax
The maximum first name length was 46. I go with 50.250
Last name was similar to first name: 50.250
Full name is sum of the above4100
2 x Street address maxes out at 95 characters. The long ones were all valid. I always use to address field.0100
Postal Code ( Use max 12 if storing dash or space)211
Telephone Number315
Email Address7254
IP Address (incl ipv6)745
Domain Name4253
HTTP(S) URL w domain name62083
Longitudenumeric9, 6
Latitudenumeric8, 6
Moneynumeric19, 4

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